About Us

The Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was founded in 1899 at the College of the City of New York. The fraternity was founded under one core belief: that all men, regardless of their faith, race, or creed, deserve access to the opportunities of liberty and education offered by a fraternity. With this fundamental belief, Delta Sigma Phi went from being a small group of friends to a nationally recognized fraternity with more than 120 active chapters. Delta Sig strives to live by the three values we were founded around; Culture, Harmony, and Friendship, and our goal as a community is to use these values and the fraternities’ platforms to create better men for the future.

The Gamma Chi Chapter was originally chartered on March 11th, 1956 and then later re-chartered on March 11th, 2013. We are proud to have recently initiated our 15th pledge class, the Omicron Class with 15 new members. Our Chapter prides itself on its involvement in many different extra-curricular activities, we have members involved in sports like lacrosse, soccer, ultimate frisbee and many more. As a variety of well-rounded men, we have involved ourselves in an amplitude of other activities like student government, DAC club, and community clubs, making sure that no matter where your interests may lie you will have people to share them with. We pride ourselves on our engagement with our community, running multiple blood drives, and fundraisers on a monthly basis for organizations like our national philanthropy: American Red Cross. Delta Sigma Phi provides its members with the opportunity to meet great people while also accomplishing great things.